TSKD 301 Released

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Apparently one of my favourite games is up again with a chinese private server.

I really want to play it… Especially since my favourite unit is getting released soon… But I also kind of don’t because I’ll get too distracted to actually get stuff done.

JM 18 Released

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School is out. And the game I made this semester will be out soon too. On Steam. For free. You’ll need an Oculus or Vive to play it though.

I’ll drop a link once the steam page is actually functional. Should apparently take “2-3 business days.”

This means I’ll have to start applying for jobs though… Ugh… If anyone can hook me up with a level, systems, or mission designer position at a respectable company, however, I’ll be free and able to shit out several chapters a day for the next couple weeks. Wink wink.

JM 17 Released

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Name on NU has been changed!

Regarding this chapter. I still need to rename the monster scale to make it sound better. I’ve been struggling with it for quite some time now, but to no avail =|

Sure would’ve been nice for the author to use a standard SABC system instead.