16 thoughts on “TSKD 304 Released

  1. Would have liked it if at least finish the arc since we got left at a cliffhanger. Also from the article they’re not selling the first volume until August 19th 2019 so the wait is bad.


  2. Oh god fucking damnit, I’m on chapter 110 right now and only just realised you’ve stopped translating it. I wish I’d known before I started so I could have chosen to not read the series even though I’m enjoying it a lot now.


    1. It’s sad that you apparently fail to understand that the joy of a novel is the journey from the first chapter until the very end. look at it like this, enjoy the novel until you either get bored or you run out of chapters either way you will forget most of the novel with time


      1. That’s odd, my map said I wouldn’t encounter a dumbfuck for another two miles.

        The fun of a novel is in the journey but if the journey ends abruptly in the middle of the story then I’d rather have spent my time reading another novel that won’t end at an unsatisfying time. I can get the joy of the journey from any good novel but the advantage of other novels is they’re being actively translated and will be completed some day while it’s unlikely this one will ever be completed, Is this sinking into your pea brain yet?

        And yes I’m aware a new (shit) translator started doing occasional new chapters of this series, that’s irrelevant to my point.


    2. Troglodyte, try to read what the TL wrote you dipstick, but i suppose a dunce with an atomic sized brain like yours would never think of doing that and seriously i never thought i would encounter such a philistine retard in a place like this. An imbecile like you should stay the fuck away from social media and keep quiet in a corner with that fucking bonehead of yours down in the toilet were it belongs.

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      1. Making yourself look like an idiot with severe brain defects is you succeeding? Wow, you must be successful every moment of your life by that definition, congratulations!


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