12 thoughts on “JM 29 Released

  1. if your cat scratched you, barring a terribly bad immune system, if you swap it with some alcohol or other disinfectant you SHOULD be fine, at least that’s what I’ve done everytime my cat scratches me and I’ve been fine :/. though everyone is different.

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  2. I got scratched as a kid and they told me I might have tetanus but also said not to vaccinate and just cross my fingers instead because the injection was likelier to kill me than whatever the cat might have been carrying.

    Anyway, please don’t die.


    1. If I understand it right, vaccinations generally should be applied before the person contacts a disease, not after. After the contact, antibiotics are the medicine that should be used.
      Vaccinations are like fighting low-level monsters of the same type before fighting the boss. You don’t want to give the boss reinforcements.


  3. You could buy some welding gloves. Even a half decent pair should keep you from getting pierced by claws or teeth.


  4. Signs of infection are: swelling, redness, tenderness, pus. If you don’t have that, you don’t have an infection. If you washed/covered/used antibiotic ointment, you should be fine.

    Simplest treatment: Soak the infection in water, as hot as you can stand it, several times a day, for at least fifteen minutes. This will stimulate blood flow to the area and hinder bacterial growth. You can add antiseptic to the water if you have some, but this is an effective treatment even without that. Even if you don’t have an infection, this will heal things faster.

    You shouldn’t need to see a doctor unless it continues to get worse even with soaking, or you have red streaks radiating out from the infection. If you do, though, get to the hospital ASAP. That’s antibiotic time.

    Source: I lived in the rainforest, and this is how we dealt with them. Things get infected in literal minutes there. I kid you not, I once scraped my hand on some coral at the beach, and it was inflamed and tender by the time I’d walked back to my house. Coral is super septic.

    I also got a puncture wound on my foot once that got infected, that was a bad time. It needed to be drained, and I couldn’t walk for like a week.

    On the upside, I have a kickass immune system.


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