JM 77 Released

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As I’ve mentioned in the note in the chapter, I’m looking for people to test a Starcraft 2 mod I made for the purposes of an assignment.

It’s called “Heroes’ Valley,” and can be found in the in-game arcade if you play in the American and European regions. I need testers of all skill levels, so if you play the game or know someone who does, please do grab a friend and try it out. I’ve been spending a lot of my time looking for testers as opposed to translating, so I’d probably be able to vomit out more chapters if, y’know, I got my homework done.

If you do check it out, please fill out the survey form, which there is a link to in the arcade’s UI.


Edit: SC2 map now published in EU too.

JM 31 Released

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I’ll try to finish chapter 32 and have the gap closed by tomorrow so new readers will never have to look @ AH’s trash again.

I also have lots of work to do though, so… no promises.┬áThe fact that my cat is sleeping on my wrist isn’t really helping.