26 thoughts on “JM 31 Released

    1. They are bad at translating. They can’t be bothered to keep names consistent, their overall readability is on the level of machine translation, and according to ST, their accuracy leaves much to be desired too.
      Their translation ethics don’t make them popular too. I mean, they try to earn money with this level of translation, and they don’t even seem to employ an editor to make it all pretty.
      Now, their translators apparently get a nice amount of money for their work, to the point I’d like to try making some money doing translations for them. The bad part is, they’ll probably take even somebody like me if I make that offer.

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    2. AH took over great novels where the translators disappeared…and gave them near-MTL quality.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if it really was a hobby site like the owner’s name suggests, however this was supposed to be a serious “business” that “made money” and “paid” translators.

      The readers were promptly exposed to a litany of ads, anti-ad blocking measures, and segmented chapters in addition to the crap quality.

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      1. I would’ve at least liked to look back on that story and say, “Ah, just because the translator disappeared. It’s too bad…”

        instead of,

        “Ah, someone came along but…nooo, my eyes….!”


  1. Standard MTL trash that is barely edited, everything is segmented on multiple pages, website is full of adds most of the time right in the middle for the translation so your eyes gets pulled to it instead of reading the work, and my most hated…. demands paypal payment otherwise hold off on chapters for sometimes months.

    TLDR: i hated them the second i got to their site and was redirected to a paypal, i was glad to know that someone else picked this up despite me hating when translations start over. Ill gladly take a re-translation over THAT.

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  2. If ever you find yourself with an urge to undertake another retranslation, I suggest you look at similarly botched series by those nincompoops. Plently of good novels are still suffering under AH’s cancerous grasp.

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  3. That’s a bit hyperbole ain’t it? Example: the huge difference between bad translation and AH can easily be seen with the Average series.


      1. If you want a good example of truly bad translation that’s basically MTL, check out the current Make My Abilities Average translators.

        I wish it was 1/2 as good as AH’s “MTL” small stint at the series. I mean, they didn’t even bother with basic editing and grammar.


      2. Editing doesn’t make a translation more accurate is the problem. You’re still reading fanfiction, just fanfiction that’s been polished up a bit. The accuracy honestly probably isn’t any different, though you are correct in the sense that it is less unpleasant to the eye.

        Machines are great for translating technical documents and the like, but when it comes to literature, they may as well be outright dysfunctional. The contextual nature of the Japanese language only makes it worse. Thought paradigms are different, words borrowed from English are traps, and machines can’t output text adjusted for emotion. (Unlike English, they don’t say “he cried in terror,” or anything like that in 95%+ of cases.) Moreover, the same phrase can mean upwards of ten things in certain cases, with additional permutations functioning as an effective free for all mix and match. Introduce typos on the author’s part into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a bowl of alphabet soup that doesn’t mean what it’s supposed to.


      3. The way I understand it, Estelion is not a native speaker of Japanese and/or English languages. People don’t get angry with him, because his translation ethics is good.
        But his only editor is the comments section (which seems to get implemented into the main text), so if you’re reading the most recent chapters, it’s not as nice as it could have been.


  4. Yeah, fuck AH. Producing autistic horse shit on his infested garbage website and calling it a “translation”. Remember what one of his fuckbois said about Jingai Musume? “Our translation isn’t wrong, it’s just the original writing is bad” or something along those lines.

    And fuck his retarded readers as well for donating him for this trash. I know you’re reading this, you idiots. While AH rapes novels, you fuckers are sponsoring this sick hobby of his. I bet some of you deepshits purchased Kony 2012 kit and were happy about it.

    Thank you Supreme Tentacle for saving Jingai Musume. It took a long time, but finally, this novels is about to be redeemed.

    > bad news novel planet is deleting your new chapters in favor of Asian Hobbyist’s
    More like goods news. Aggregator sites and AH deserve each other.

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  5. From this:
    “I see… You certainly lived a lot and surely had a lot of spare time…“
    To this:
    “That’s good… I doubt I’ll be bored no matter how long a life I’ve got ahead of me so long as I’ve got you by my side.”

    It’s actually crazy how shafted this line got in AH’s translation, it gives a whole new nuance to that dialog. How did that even happen?

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    1. >How did that even happen?
      The original phrase is rather complicated (and beyond my ability to reliably translate):
      This confusion is probably because the second part of the sentence seems to be missing a subject (which has to be inferred from the context and grammar). So depending on which subject was inferred (Lefi or MC), it means either ‘you’ve lived long and learned to deal with boredom’ or ‘living with you means I’ll never be bored’.


      1. I don’t really understand how that would lead to that mistake. The verb tenses make it quite obvious (生きることになっても), and the first part is a clause dependent on the second. The 生きていてくれる part makes what the middle part is referring to very obvious, specifically the くれる.

        It’s pretty basic and straight forward as far as I can tell? If anything, it’s rather explicit in terms of what is referring to what. It is rather long, but I think the grammar itself is rather simple.

        Translating it very literally, you get “…Then I guess it’s fine. If you continue to live and be there for me, then I likely won’t be bored even if I end up living for a really long time. + blushstuffI’mtoolazytoliterallytl”


      2. It was a bit of an rethorical question but the reason was quite interesting, thanks for taking the time to answer it guys! Also thanks you Tentacle for saving this novel lol.


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