10 thoughts on “JM 87 Released

  1. thanks for the chapter ChtulhulianTentacle-sama!!!
    deregon got jealous *sugarpuke* i want to push her dow- o shit, wait dont kill me yuki, no! wait- [data expunged]

    #asknirvash so… do you missed Ao and familly???
    and did Joker-kun do anything to you? *FingerOnSpeedDial

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  2. Congrats! I’d be interested in where you end up, if you’re willing to share when the time comes. There’s some neat non-AAA studios out there, in addition to the big names.


  3. Good job! As one of the people with out a degree I envy you. Yet I know it’s misplaced. Great job on all the effort you put into your studies.


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