9 thoughts on “JM 89 Released

  1. Yep, trolling for fun is fun itself.
    Take it as a compliment from someone who once was called an Ultimate troll by the haters who were losing it to their hatred.
    But that’s only the beginning. It is better to troll people when it is 100% morally justified. Like hired trolls working for marketing companies, like scammers of different kinds. For example, do you know that many moderators of community information exchange projects are actually paid trolls? While they look like good benevolent people helping those in need, they are just r*targed pretenses of a person, failed human beings, fake and r*tten. The whole thing works as a pyramid-type scam. They are paid actually for promoting political interests or marketing while controlling the other participants who essentially work for free, while censoring any information which contradicts the goals of their employers. That is, their helping others is a part of this pyramid plan to make other feel motivated to “help” each other for free, while giving the credit of political or marketing influence under the guidance of “moderators” into the pockets of the said paid trolls (aka “moderators”).
    Another good opportunity is to make fun of people ignorance. For example, the difference between the grammar books and actual linguistic projects is enormous. First it is the incompetence of those who write the books (as typically most of such books are written by incompetent people or people without motivation or with some other reasons (I’ve seen a few, who were far beyond what one would expect from reading their books, but they had some personal reasons to do so and not to make it all public, but those are a tiny minority)), and another reason is “political correctness”, when the inconvenient information is filtered out. Together they make up to the 50% percentage of the educational books, which is a pure BS. Having some sober thinking and ability to read the actual research and facts would make you higher than them and essentially troll them as much as you like, much like many other people who blindly believe such books.
    Well, those are just minor tips, I hope you will find your own way to the Ultimate trolling – regardless of whether you decide it to use it for such purposes, it goes (the way to it) through obtaining a better knowledge, awareness and thinking abilities than the rest πŸ˜‰


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