JM 156/157 Released

Chapter 156
Chapter 157

Well, brothers, I write to you today in order to mourn the loss of one of our kind, a valiant panda warrior who was forever loyal and stood by our sides in times of need. Bad days, breakups, drunken stupors, the panda was there for us through it all. But now, he has died; the fjords have been purged. Thank you brother, for providing me what I needed most since I first stepped foot on the internet. May you rest in peace.

Fuck the netherlands.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from translating. Unlike last time, it won’t be to get a batch ready.

JM 151 Released


I was going to make some more random Chinese food for dinner today, but I didn’t have the ingredients for what I wanted to make. I can’t drive anymore either since I have to wait for an OPT visa to renew my license, so I just ended up ordering the dish instead.