JM 156/157 Released

Chapter 156
Chapter 157

Well, brothers, I write to you today in order to mourn the loss of one of our kind, a valiant panda warrior who was forever loyal and stood by our sides in times of need. Bad days, breakups, drunken stupors, the panda was there for us through it all. But now, he has died; the fjords have been purged. Thank you brother, for providing me what I needed most since I first stepped foot on the internet. May you rest in peace.

Fuck the netherlands.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from translating. Unlike last time, it won’t be to get a batch ready.

33 thoughts on “JM 156/157 Released

  1. I’m sad too, never thought that i would want to see that sad panda ever again… but now i would really like to see it instead of “konkai wa kokomade”
    I’m actually heartbroken!

    Press “f” to pay respect!

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    1. Really? Just tried to visit it. Tons of an ugly advertisements, invisible links to other sites over main functions, slow server… in the first place, it only have english translations, so it can’t even count as rival.
      Now that sad panda is down, i’m looking for another option for sure. I was quite glad that someone said the name of possible option. But what was awaiting me – only despair.

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      1. There’s adblockers, I never had any problem, so I dont get you. There’s also adblockers for smarthphone, you have the tools just a click ahead of you.

        I could never open this panda shit and you had to do bothersome stuff, I can but it takes time and I can visit other sites for I what I wanted anyway. (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


    2. I can’t really read it on phone unless I have a browser with adblock. The pop-ups nowadays are horrible. The keep on popping up every page that I clicked.


  2. Dang, heard about it and already it is gone, what a shame. Not really netherlands though, as it is just the individual EU states slowly conforming to EU law. Not the best year for panda like sites. F

    Thanks for the chapters though.


  3. This is a sad day indeed… Panda will be always remembered and cherished in our hearts.

    Fuck the EU.
    They killed Nyaa, filled our browsers with cookie alerts, attempted to butcher memes, and now they murdered Panda. What a fucking joke of a union. Don’t they have better things to do besides making Brexit look good?

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    1. i hear yah, though i understand the admins reason so best to pull the bandaid off in one shot, well hopefully the other staffers can reopen it somewhere else even after a ddos when it went off line, the other options arent good, i know some places but its hit or miss, was the best for raws and bounties…well at least a few groups who do the good lords work can release translated stuff on dex but their were a ton of raws the i was praying would one day get a bounty at least n is a temp stop gap but as its a scraper site they dont allow uploads


  4. I get people liked the sad panda, but why can’t anybody find the “new legislature” and why is everyone screaming murder on the eu? The dude just dropped a line about some unknown new legislature and everyone’s gone raving mad wanting to burn down the eu for that. Isn’t he just tired of running the site with his bad tendon?


    1. Well, somewhat yeah, but not exactly on the point.
      If it wouldn’t be for those EU laws, he wouldn’t quit. Evading those laws just adding tons of work on top, so if not for those additional strain, things might had turn out differently.

      But yeah, i wouldn’t bash EU for that, every country have their own quirks, i saw much worse. But just remember when they tried to forbid memes on the internet, isn’t that shit hilarious? 🙂


      1. but that’s the whole point, what EU laws? “those laws” “new legislature” but does anyone actually know what that is?
        And no, I can’t remember that, as it never happened.
        People are very quick to jump to conclusions without checking the facts, so now I have to ask for them.


  5. I honestly dont care, I could never get inside the page, and it was too bothersome to do it, I could, but there’s a lot other pages honestly, I’m always on my smarthphone so why bother eitherway.


  6. Thanks for all your hard work translating the chapters! See you in a few days/weeks! You deserve the break.


  7. Can’t remember where, but someone downloaded a site wide backup of panda. It was like 52 terrabytes.


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