13 thoughts on “JM 159-162 Released

  1. I still say VR is just a fad. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good games released, but I don’t see this lasting forever.


  2. Thanks for dropping 3 at once! I’m probably the only one here that didn’t realize there was a manga of this, really enjoying it (apart from how they do Lefi’s dialogue)


  3. You’re talking about a virtual reality console right? I prefer PC games myself, since in VR the controls are a little bit trickier to use. With a mouse it’s easier to look straight ahead or aim a gun sight/scope. Are any of you looking forward to Borderlands 3 or Monster Hunter Iceborne?


  4. aw… I just noticed that the index page is not updated 😦

    I normally don’t do this, at least not for established translator such as yourself, but would you like to move your project to my site? We have auto-indexing and also auto-next page so it would make things more convenient for you when publishing chapters, as you don’t need to manually add the next/previous page in each chapter and update the index page every so often.

    Yes, I am inviting you so I can bolster my own site view. And yes, I am triggered by the outdated index page. I say 9 out of 10 I will be rejected, but at least I tried.


      1. Okay, yeah, expected as much. Then at the very least, shall I teach you a neat trick to auto-update the index page on a site Powered by WordPress.com?

        It has been a long while since I moved to WordPress.org but I do remember at one time I was using some kind of in-build shortcode to auto-update the index page… not sure if I still remember how to do it, but I can look it up if you’re interested…


  5. I legit thought you where morning the death of a person with the online handle of sadpanda

    I don’t know what sadpanda is, and I don’t wanna know.


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