JM 165 Released

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Greetings from Canada. I’ve made it across the border and back to my parents’ house. The first thing I did was mess with my cat, who apparently does not remember me. Good job, Breakfast. Thanks a bunch. I love you too.

Now, I only have to cross the border 3 more times in the next 3 weeks. Vunderbar.

Anyway, I actually have more to do than just shitpost this time around. Today’s release post will also function as an announcement.

Chapters are more likely than not going to be slow from here on out. I have a lot of business to attend to and my mom’s getting heart surgery next week. My job is starting as soon as she’s all healed up, which means that things are only going to get worse for you readers. Releases will remain sporadic (albeit slower) over the course of the next three weeks. Come September, I’ll probably be doing a regular once a week schedule with releases on weekends. This is in part due to my job and in part because I’m taking the opportunity to pursue another hobby.

I’ll probably manage to translate a bit more than that, but rather than dumping doubles when possible, I’ll probably be dumping it all during the holiday season instead.

Note that my comments on my schedule are not finalized by any means. I’m still playing it all by ear and working off of a fairly large number of assumptions. This is just what I assume to be the most likely scenario.

19 thoughts on “JM 165 Released

  1. Before i type anything,
    Good luck with your mom’s surgery
    I wish you and your family the bests of wishes for this hard time
    Having that out of the way,(because it’s the most important issue, i need to start with it, nothing’s wurse then family going to the hospital for surgery and the health of your closest of kin is really important!) i wish you good luck with your new job and take all the time you need
    RL comes first and even if we have to wait for weeks for a new chapter, we’ll wait for it
    And thank you for your hard work and the new chapter
    Take care dude!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out

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  2. First time actually leaving a reply, I think.

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work so far. Its one of the most entertaining light novel I’ve read.

    You’ve done a fantastic job of translating it so far, and while its unfortunate that things will slow down, I’ll look foward to each release.

    Thanks for the hard work and for choosing this novel! \o/

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  3. While it’s a bummer that releases may become more sporadic in the future, I hope your mom does well with her heart surgery and I hope your job and new hobby goes well!! Thank you for keeping up with translating this series, and I hope everything goes well!!!

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  4. I hope your mom’s surgery goes well and she gets better as a result of it being successful. Also good luck with your new job. I hope everything works out on your end. While it’s a little disappointing that I won’t be able to read as many chapters as I have been these last few weeks, I understand that you’re going to be quite busy with a lot of things. I can keep myself occupied with 2 new video games that are coming out next month: Greedfall + Borderlands 3.


  5. Thanks for the chapter and take care. My mom had heart surgery this last week, so I know what you’re going through. The best advise I can give for that is trust her doctors/surgeon. They’re professionals and can handle it safely. As long as your family follows their directions, everything should turn out fine.

    Take care in the new job and new hobby, and thanks for all of your hard work.


  6. Best wishes for ur moms Surgery..

    Well mixed feeling here.. I?m happy for u ti have a stable job comming up..
    on the other side sad that i wont be able to read ur translations as often as now anymore..
    But there is still hope for Staturday and sundays so not all is lost !

    So only thing left is to wish u Good luck, a happy time and all the stuff !


  7. This is ny first time commenting, but I felt the need to say thank you for doing an amazing job with this and take the time you need. I will gladly wait to have a well done translation over barely legible mtl work anyday. Also, good luck with the new job and hobby, and I hope your mom starts doing better.


  8. I hope your mom’s surgery goes well.
    Don’t mind us leeching plebs and the translation, we can deal with it. I’m honestly impressed you still manage to put in so much effort into this hobby considering your busy life. Makes me wish I had your superpowers.

    Please don’t eat the cat.


  9. everything will work out bro if God willing your mother will be fine soon …I’m brazilian I don’t know english so bad english because i use google keyboard translator but i want improvements for your mother and you get lucky in the new job and thanks for everything too.


  10. I just wanted to thank you very much man. You cannot begin to fathom how much you made my days at work more bearable. I found the manga version of this (a few months ago) and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. While looking for raws I was surprised to see someone was translating it. To keep it short you made my boring days in my office enjoyable. I would use my iphones screen reader function (which I recently learned) and would do my work while enjoying the read. I finally read through all that you have translated and I cannot thank you enough. It is such a fun series. I hope all goes well with your moms surgery. As well as with your new job. I’ll gladly wait until your next release and I clearly understand you have things that are more important. Best wishes.


  11. Wow, such a positive comment section, they are right! You work hard translating and giving us quick updates, while I am a bit bummed about it taking more, but it is as should be.

    Hope everything turns out alright for your mom and that you adapt well to new job!


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