JM 170 Released

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Greetings from Massachusetts or however you spell it. Idk, I’m not from ‘murica.

Tomorrow, I start working at a AAA game studio. Hopefully, I won’t end up being a corporate slave. Hopefully. I saw people doing overtime almost all weekend while I was driving there and back just to get used to the route. So uh… hopefully.

Anyway, chapters will no longer be randomly posted. I’ll start trying to follow a schedule that’ll be something along the lines of 1 chapter a week on a prespecified day. I’m not exactly sure which day it’ll be yet. That’s something I’m planning to figure out after seeing how my week goes. That said, it’ll probably end up happening on weekends.

I don’t plan on dropping JM just yet. Not until it inevitably gets picked up by Yen Press. (Or I gain the ability to work in the states outside my field and join up w/ some TL company, which isn’t happening because I’m not American. Yay immigration pains!)

9 thoughts on “JM 170 Released

  1. no please continue regardless, most stateside pickups never get finished or continued, i hate buying legally when u know their is know guarantee their will be a complete trans/pub of a novel/manga , please by all means keep it up regardless, i believe in ur efforts like the rebirth of the panda which is much appreciated surviving the forjds regs and coming anew with support


  2. Congratulations for the new job!

    Also, the transition into a corporate slave is pretty much a slow but sure process, especially in a high intensity workplace like game industry. Might want to take some precautions for that.

    Well, whatever the case is, we wish you all the best for you and your future!


  3. No avoiding being a corporate slave now.

    AAA game development. East coast of the USA expensive money pit. Non-citizen relying on work visa.

    Nobody will force you to work hard… but if you want to stay on through the seasonal cycles… if you want to get promoted… It you want to stay in the states… you have to stand out among people who transformed the work from labor to passion and ignore all labor conventions.

    Honestly these fools make me sick. They harm themselves – and they drag the rest down with them for their poor decision to over achieve beyond reason. They allow their labor and youth to be stolen.

    Their not racing to cure cancer – their busting their asses to push out another entertainment product.

    They should go home, feed their cat, see their partners, or find somebody to cuddle – not bust of 80 hours like their in Japan or somthing.


  4. Oof, this might just be me having watched too much Jim Sterling but AAA game development will probably suck you dry in terms of energy. So much crunchtime and overtime in that industry.


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