14 thoughts on “JM 173 Released

  1. In Fire Emblem usually the entire point is to work with what you’re given instead of trying to get perfect level ups. In fact 3 Houses is probably the easiest FE game especially with the time reversal power. If you’re that concerned with RNG recruit as many units as possible right before the time skip. The later you recruit a unit the higher level they come with default stats. And the default stats are VERY good. Right before the timeskip is the latest you can recruit units and they will come at around lvl 20+.


  2. Continuing of my last comment you can “patch up” your units stats by using them on their weaknesses. You can grow them in the green house. This is off the top of my head but Light Blue seeds give spd, Purple seeds give atk and Blue seeds gives Magic boosters. You can find a proper list online.Along with the stat boosters the seeds also give you tons of flowers which are the best way to recruit someone. If you get someone to Support level B they will ask to join your house on any empty day on the calendar (it’s random how long they take to do that). And the easiest way to reach B rank is with flowers.


  3. Hm, this feels wrong. This was a long arc of who is the perpetrator that has been around since practically the start. This should be the big bad final boss, and yet it come down to a impulsive emotion controlled duel? No i dont buy that. Plus the way the leader of the feinds reacted to the challenge. So much pride. We were told the fiends respect power and are very pridefull. Yet all examples of fiends so far have been underhanded. Using a puppet, atacking at night like assassins knowing the opponent would be blind, the fact the atackers description is similar to the agent the king sent to yuki, the meddlers mixed into the crowd durring fights. Not one instance of pride and strength. I think its rather clear that the enemy isnt the fiends. As a icing on the cake the king knew about Nell. That a long neutral group was suddenly atacked while she was there was no coincidence. We were given a excuse for why but fact is the atackers followed Nell, she was always the target. We knew the king was manipulative, and Yuki is about to turn a innocent into paste playing right into his hand.


  4. Since a class gives you at least the base stats when you equip it even if you get really bad level ups you can catch up by giving them a class with high bases. Almost anyone is op as a wyvern lord because flying imba and you get huge stats for free


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