4 thoughts on “JM 174 Released

  1. That sucks but at least you didn’t damage anything. I’ve smacked my ceiling fan a few times and one of my monitors enough times to put a big scratch on the screen :_(


  2. I’ve seen on youtube gamers get so into their games, that when they lose they either break their consoles or monitors, or they toss them out a window or something. Your injury is unfortunate, but I’m glad it’s getting better. At least it’s not broken!


  3. I have VR, unfortunately I don’t exactly have the space to place properly as my bed is in the middle of my room.

    So I played VR RPG, it was cool, funny to look at when I was mining on the floor and walls. I enjoyed being an archer best, I had to literally grab arrows from my back then load it aim and shoot.

    So I played VR Kanajo, found the girl on the bed and a massager was placed at the bottom of the bed. So since it was there it was obviously meant to be used, I’m not the pervert, she is! I tried to grab it, unfortunately for me, my bed was in the way so I could never pick the damn thing up!

    So I had this Jurrasic Park thing, basically none interactive, you were just put in the world for a few minutes and watched things happen. Let my dad have a go. You know, show him what the big deal was about VR and why I spent so much on my PC. He was really immersed in it, so much so that when our dog came with excellent timing and touched his legs he almost s##t himself. Me and my mum almost died laughing at his reaction.

    So I had this game, basically IRobot with a different name. Great fun but kind of hard as you got further in. I also kept hitting the walls and nearly falling over my bed playing it. My favourite part was you could grab the attacking robots, and rip the heads and limbs off. You could beat them up using their own arm, the sounds when doing so were very satisfying.

    Basically VRs biggest issue after the price is having the space to play freely. Like if I set it in the living room I would have space. Yet I would also need to share the TV, along with having my PC essentially in the last place I would want it. It would also be the least private as any in the house or outside it would be able to watch what you are doing.

    My bedroom has the chimney wall, so in the middle of one of my walls the wall sticks out about two foot, it is the left-hand wall when you enter the room. Window wall is directly in front, the right-hand wall is flat as is the wall with the door on it on the rightmost side. Bed is too wide to fit in gaps on the chimney wall so it ends up against the bit that sticks out. The two gaps, one has my DVD collection in it with a recliner chair in front of it (closest to the window), the other has a few metal rackings that I set up my PC on along with a couple of consoles and router and landline phone. All the consoles are plugged into an HDMI switch that then has a long cable that goes under the carpet to the TV. TV is on top of unit that has a few more consoles in it, which in turn is on top of my chest of draws. The chest of draws is on the right-hand wall slightly to the right when viewed on my bed. To the left of the chest of draws is my wardrobe which then leaves the wall basically full since the door opens on to it so need a little space left for that. The wall with the door has a bit of floor space on the left then a large fan. Next to that are three 3 draw filing cabinets that have my games in, controls, and all kinds of wires and leads, one draw has some of my footwear in it though. The room’s layout leaves me with about 2 foot of space on the right-hand side of my bed, and a bit less than 4 foot on the left towards the windows. There is about 2 foot of space between my bed on the chest of draws.
    The only solution I have come up with is to change my bed frame to one with wheels under it, or add some wheels to the current one. I would then be able to move my bed out the way quickly and easily and I could create a space of about 6 foot in both directions. Just either option is too much effort at the moment, the current bed frame is good but heavy as its metal. The beds’ mattress can be raised up to access storage space underneath it. So aside from heavy duty wheels, the bottom would need reinforcing to hold the things stored inside even it is mainly bedding. Changing the frame would cost more along the effort of both getting rid of the current frame and likely having to put together the new one.

    By the time I realized it, this post was far bigger than I had first intended, but since it took so long to write I couldn’t be bothered deleting it haha.


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