3 thoughts on “JM 176 Released

  1. I personally suggest Chicken Bone Broth with Ginger. Cheap and easy to make. Also suuuuuper tasty, good for you and does wonders on a sore throat (I drink it almost every day at work all year around, fills you up too).

    Again you want the bone broth, not normal broth though. Easily bought in cases at Costo. Just put it on the stove to boil and grate some fresh ginger into it. After bringing it to a boil, it’s already good to drink. Nothing else needed (I put it in two Thermos’ to bring to work myself).

    Really got into it when I got a bad cold last winter and my mother made some for me for my throat since it was so sore and I was coughing a lot. It was soooooo delicious and my throat was almost instantly better just from drinking it. So even after the cold was finally over, I kept drinking it each day (it’s kind of like my snack at work).


  2. > You know what this means?
    Mass release?!

    > It’s time to eat honied lemons!

    Well, take care. Don’t be a steve jobs and take some actual medicine.


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