JM 177 Released

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Monday isn’t over just yet.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, etc, etc. My parents have some time off, so they’re basically camping out in my apartment for the duration of the holidays.

I don’t really mind, but it’s kind of suffocating. How am I supposed to fap if my computer is in the room they sleep in?

I wish I didn’t set it up in the living room, but it’s the only way I could have possibly had enough space for VR…

11 thoughts on “JM 177 Released

      1. agreed, i am a fuyuno fan but not that as mentioned, feel for yah, got all my things hooked up in the living room with sony vr (half regretable with the product) multi switchs and many, many hdmi hookups, well depending on how often they stay, u might want to invest in another tv/monitor and a remote desktop/remote play setup, very helpful when u want some privacy, would make sure its secure if you plan on portability and not a semi permanent setup


  1. just to be sure you meant that you were going to post another chapter when you said monday isn’t over? if not I’ll just crawl back into my cave until next week…


  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    I think Leila’s sister would become an even bigger storm than that cat girl with that cliffhanger at the end.


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