JM 178 Released

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I think the “E” button on my keyboard is starting to break. It’s dropping inputs every once in a while, which is really annoying when I’m playing a MOBA. Kind of need my QWER for that.

Speaking of games, I decided to get Little Town Hero on Friday. I already regret my decision.

Battles take way too long and aren’t even the slightest bit exciting. It honestly feels like I’m playing a shitty, drawn-out version of Hearthstone without the whole PvP aspect. Not exactly the type of game I’d call entertaining. If that wasn’t bad enough, the music is dreadful. Just last week, I was thinking that nothing could possibly be worse than Dragon Quest 11’s soundtrack. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

I don’t really want to go back to playing NG+ in Fire Emblem Three Houses with all its terrible level up RNG, which really shouldn’t be a mechanic in the first place. Seriously. They really need to actually scale enemies properly instead of relying on bad level-ups to make the game more difficult. I’m assuming that gameplay is supposed to be what the game is selling itself with, because the story is god awful and about as deep as a kiddy pool. “Oh look, suddenly an extra enemy out of nowhere to extend the game.” “Oh look, suddenly this person that has been your ally the whole game suddenly isn’t anymore just to give the game literally one more chapter!” To add insult to injury, even most of the waifu CGs at the end of the game suck.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for one day. I swear that I end up saying nothing but negative things about games lately. I’m not sure if I’m getting old and cranky, or if the games in question are actually just bad anymore. Probably both. Well, at least I can get RDR2 on PC next month.

I’m contemplating starting a series of rants on how translation differs from simply understanding a second language and regurgitating what you read. I’m not really sure if I want to go through with it though, as it’d probably just end up coming out as another mountain of salt.

21 thoughts on “JM 178 Released

  1. While I don’t know about Fire Emblem Three House gameplay since I don’t have the game, I do agree that Waifu CGs at the end looks terrible.


  2. idk if it’d be your cup of tea But I played “Remnant from the ashes” and “Greedfall” recently, Remnant is a bit of Metro mixed with Darksouls, and Greedfall is kinda like a Bioware RPG. both were fun, Remnant was punishing, but had interesting mechanics when it came to the “randomness of enemy placement and rerolling your world, and greedfall had interesting story and World Building.


      1. I have brought Gredfall, and for I it is a 7. Good animations, even if every so often they freeze while loading an area (never in combat). The story is good. Simply it lacks that something more that will have me play it without pause until I finish it.

        About the translations, you are one of the best translators I have read, I enjoy your work. Thanks.


  3. I think it’s a degree of both and a third thing that you didn’t mention. You are involved in the game-making process now as a living and hobby, right? The view from creators is very different than the view from the audience no matter the media or discipline. It definitely comes out a bit salty, but isn’t that just because you care about what you’re talking about?

    Anyhow, it’d be great to hear about your opinions and experiences in translating on a variety of levels. Just be sure not to completely rant and explain your rationale and preferences. With that, not only would it be swallowed it would be quite tasteful and elucidating in doing so. 🙂


    1. I don’t find DQ 11’s soundtrack to be highly annoying, but I can understand what you dislike abput it. Even fully orchestrated, it’s highly repetitive.

      As for games worth playing, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is comming soon, Mary Skelter 2 (it’s just out, it’s already on sale and it’s an Idea Factory game, so fanservice is assured).

      By the way, found out someone picked up sword dad and Fran. The quality of their translation is way under the quality of your translation.


  4. Damn man and i thought that three houses was a good game since the reviews and videos said so well I haven’t touch any FE game since the gameboy and it seems to have the same rng mechanics from back then, well I am better playing any eushully or softhousechara game better CG and gameplay and NG+


  5. >spending $50+ on shit-tier games instead of going through the massive selection of indie games from the last ten years that still hold up


  6. Well if you’re annoyed at recent games, why not go back to the classics? Internet archive recently added 2500 MS-DOS games you can play freely.


  7. Since you brought up the difference between understanding/simple translating and actual translating with adjustment for the nuances and tone, I must say you are one of the best. Adjusting the way they talk (formal, informal, and slang) into the English equivalent is difficult, but you usually make it come across so naturally.
    BTW if you are looking for a game series, if you have a PS Vita, PS3/PS4 try the series “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel”. Part 1 & 2 are out right now (can be crossplayed on PS3/Vita) and part 3 is coming out tomorrow on PS4.


  8. I’d gladly read your translation rants. Not trying to suck your dick, but I do enjoy your style of translation way more than the majority of official releases.


  9. Rants are fun. And I’m low on sodium anyways.

    What’s your take on RingFit? I’m interested, but decided to hold off until I see how it does first.

    At the very least, my parents and siblings enjoyed WiiFit, so if not for me, then maybe for them.


  10. ah.. the keyboard problems. it brings back so many fun memories. for me, it was “2” that kept getting in my way until I ripped the son of the bitch right off my laptop. 🙂


  11. You could try Code Vien. Pretty good Souls-like, just remember to checkout the hints section cause the tutorial explains the basics (look,move, lock-on, light/heavy attack, charge drain, not combo drain, sprinting, special attack, or what stats do). It can be extremely easy depending on the AI partner you take, but you can stop them from following you into battle.


    1. I agree on Code Vein.
      I picked it up expecting basically nothing and I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is. Having a lot of freedom in gameplay, build and character creation is very nice, and the story is pretty good.


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