JM 183 Released

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A full week later, and I’m still salty about Pokemon. In fact, I think I’m feeling even saltier.

I guess I’ll just go back to playing RDR2 while keeping an eye on black friday sales, mostly since my current set up doesn’t let me run the game on ultra. I know the 2080 Ti won’t drop in price, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it does.

The TL rant(s) that I mentioned last month are now a WIP. I’ve constructed a list of things I want to tackle and left it below. Feel free to suggest additional topics in the case that you want to see something specific covered.

Topic List

  • The Goal of Translation
    • Aka: Novels should not sound like they’ve been translated
  • Novel Translation vs Document Translation
  • Pitfall: Literal Translation
  • Pitfall: Honorifics Are Meaningless
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Localization
  • Conveying Intent and Nuance
  • Portrayal of Tropes
  • Invalid Stylistic Choices
    • Includes commentary on writing styles
    • Includes case study on “So I’m a Spider, So What?” (Probably a separate article.)
  • Case Study on some of JNC’s titles. (Many of these are extremely well done, but some others, not so much. This mini-series would likely dive into both.)
  • Case Study on Overlord (Yen Press Version)
  • Ideal Workflow and Pipeline

Is it just me, or is this is starting to sound more like a textbook than a series of rants? In that case, the case studies may work better as something within a relevant chapter. Hmm…

JM 182 Released

Chapter <-

New Pokemon games are shit. I’m so tired of literally everything about them that I’m not even going to post a real rant. Just a quick tl;dr.

Why the hell would they remove most of the stuff in the mid-high power tiers and then focus their additions on the two ends? Hidden Power is gone now too, so rip bolt-beam coverage for most electric types. I guess they’ve got no choice but to just be sad now.

Every excuse they made about not putting in all the mons was pure BS. The music is absolutely terrible and the game poses no challenge whatsoever other than some early game shenanigans in the wild zone that you can easily avoid. Most of the popular things were cut, and I feel like the monster designs are getting worse every gen. The detail that does exist went into all the wrong places.

Hop and Leon are the most annoying characters I’ve seen in a while, and I wish I could feed both of them to my brain-damaged rabbit.

I can see how a child or someone that hasn’t really been exposed to an excess of Pokemon could enjoy these games (music aside), and I’ll at least give them that. Maybe cynical adults just aren’t their target audience anymore.