JM 183 Released

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A full week later, and I’m still salty about Pokemon. In fact, I think I’m feeling even saltier.

I guess I’ll just go back to playing RDR2 while keeping an eye on black friday sales, mostly since my current set up doesn’t let me run the game on ultra. I know the 2080 Ti won’t drop in price, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it does.

The TL rant(s) that I mentioned last month are now a WIP. I’ve constructed a list of things I want to tackle and left it below. Feel free to suggest additional topics in the case that you want to see something specific covered.

Topic List

  • The Goal of Translation
    • Aka: Novels should not sound like they’ve been translated
  • Novel Translation vs Document Translation
  • Pitfall: Literal Translation
  • Pitfall: Honorifics Are Meaningless
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Localization
  • Conveying Intent and Nuance
  • Portrayal of Tropes
  • Invalid Stylistic Choices
    • Includes commentary on writing styles
    • Includes case study on “So I’m a Spider, So What?” (Probably a separate article.)
  • Case Study on some of JNC’s titles. (Many of these are extremely well done, but some others, not so much. This mini-series would likely dive into both.)
  • Case Study on Overlord (Yen Press Version)
  • Ideal Workflow and Pipeline

Is it just me, or is this is starting to sound more like a textbook than a series of rants? In that case, the case studies may work better as something within a relevant chapter. Hmm…

13 thoughts on “JM 183 Released

  1. yeah!! this is one os the most ugly pokemon game ever, it dont have end game, is crazy superrr easy, is crazy super easy to have perfects EVs pokemons, the galar region pokemons are pretty shity, texture of the game, draw distance, and fucking moreeee, good luck with the TI i have a 2080 ti EVGA


  2. I think you should do all the rants on a separate portion of the site, like a whole section labeled “RANTS” next to your “PROJECTS” section. If you already mentioned that and I missed it, my bad. If you do end up writing such detailed analysis of translation methods and works, I, and possibly many others, will definitely read it.

    P.S. Thank you for the chapter. I’m one of your long time readers, I just don’t like commenting, but your translation of “A Demon Lord’s Tale” is always the highlight of my week.


  3. Re: “I’m a spider, so what?” Which version will you be covering? turb0’s WN “translations”, blastron’s rectification thereof and up to RTD’s progress or the official LN translation? Because while I like the official version and own all available volumes I still dislike them turning her catch phrase into “unreal”.


  4. Um, I’m looking forward the upcoming translation rant/treatise. It’s been a bit since your last one. (Iirc it was back when to declared your intention to take over translating this novel?)


  5. Yea I finished shield a few days ago. That post game was shit at least with sun and noon their were the ultra beast. What kind of post game makes you catch the box legendary, you usual catch at the games climax wth!


  6. That reminds me, there was this korean novel about authors, and there was also a small part about it on translation.

    Something about each novel having the author’s personal writing style in them, and to become a better translator, the translator would have to erase as much of themselves from the novel as possible.

    It was a rather interesting novel.


  7. well, i have to question why u bothered buying this pokemon game, if u like pokemon games, their were flags everywhere and the most important were no real transfers till when they fell like it next year, not addressing the fact the giant/special pokemon for 3ds still arent pokebank allowed, no info or ways to transfer with items if they still refuse bank transfers….pokemon games are easy to come buy plus the eventual plus released later for cash grabs…well trade ins now will get u something but its best just to wait till they provide more accurate transfer info before diving in


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