JM 188 Released

Chapter <–

Formatting might be fucked. I’m on my phone, on the way to the casino with a bunch of coworkers on the day we released the casino heist in GTA Online. Probably just a coincidence. Probably.

9 thoughts on “JM 188 Released

  1. Thanks for chapter! It never occurred to me until I read this chapter that Rir being collared would offend warwolf since they see him as a god.


  2. It’s gonna be better-written than what we get from those people who proudly release their “””translations””” either way. You know the ones.


  3. Here’s hoping the casino doesn’t end up like most do in GTA games……by which I mean losing all your money and waking up in a hotel room not remembering what happened the previous 3 days….wait, I was thinking of the Hangover….nm.


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