21 thoughts on “JM 189 Released

  1. I feel your pain as my parents are telling me to get a girlfriend as I get older. While I understand their worries, it is not like I don’t want a girlfriend. I am just too busy/didn’t find a right girl yet. While I understand that you want to solve your girlfriend issue by grabbing a random chick, I still hope that you are choosing a right girl. Anyway, thanks for chapter!


  2. That not a good idea. My dad did what you did, now he’s stuck with a lady who’s bossy and doesn’t help cook dinner! You might want to be more careful about who you choose.


  3. I have the same problem, and I don’t want to explain to them why. “Anime has ruined me” is going to have way too many follow-up questions popping up, of which I’d prepared to answer none.


  4. My mom use to say stuff similar to that except it was in the, “I can’t wait for you to have kids.” vein.

    I slowly corrupted her positive view on life with the harsh facts of reality, and now she says she’s glad I never had kids.(I’m 37 now).

    Example: Why would I ___ when we have modern day Nazi Germany for China, but instead of gas chambers they harvest organs to sell on the donor market? The looming threat of war, economic uncertainty, and life stability really makes me not to want a ___ right now.


  5. Are you Asian? If yes I feel your pain boss! If not I still feel your pain because they just want you be be financial unstable by having kids!


  6. My parents are like that too which nearly ruined my younger brother.

    They still moan to me about it, even my aunt and uncles also does so. It gets really annoying and can get depressing.

    It’s fine to find your partner but, do it when nobody tells you to.


  7. You’re overlooking what comes next… IF you do yeald on the girlfriend front, next are the marriage and grandchildren fronts. Plus, they’ll be encouraged by the fact of your yealding on the girlfriend front…
    So, if you do yeald, DON’T pick someone at random. Put some effort into finding someone you can stand to have a permanent relationship with, because temporary ones aren’t going to get them to stop pestering you.
    Also, if you don’t yeald on this, expect them to increase the pressure… In my experience, they aren’t going to just give up. If they are happy together, they don’t, and can’t, understand you not wanting the same thing as soon as possible.
    I’m not going to even try addressing possible cultural issues. In my experience, happy parents wish to become happy grandparents are soon as possible…

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    1. Don’t forget, unhappy parents also want to see their children have children as well. Simply because they can’t handle the idea of themselves being unsuccessful or possibly holding bad values


  8. I’m not sure how it works in Asian households and such since I’m from the United States. If you have a girlfriend are you obligated to stay with her?


  9. All those fake lover/gf novels need a target audience to prosper right? Rent a gf is also a thing in Japan…

    Either way, props to you. My parents tell me this too, so when I ask them to help out by introducing someone, they’re suddenly all like “I don’t know how to introduce someone to you because your hobbies are so weird.”


  10. I feel you.

    It’s getting worse by the second since some of my friends already started marrying.
    “Don’t you feel alone?” “Don’t wait too long or you gonna end up like me” “Why don’t you ask your friends to set you up with someone?”
    “Your exgirlfriend *Name* was such a nice girl, why’d you break up with her?”

    My escape route: Change the topic into politics, works almost every time.


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