Christmas Shenanigans (JM 191-195 Released)

Christmas time is here, and Santa, who has been watching children all year as per the usual, has finally filled up his sack. He’s ready to dump it all over the unsuspecting kids in their sleep and show them the good time we call a White Christmas.

Coincidentally, having the FBI on his tail makes the jolly old man shit both bricks and chapters. As such, one will be released every second hour for eight hours starting the moment it hits Christmas Day in Japan. Unfortunately, being a bit old makes it impossible for him to do anything beyond unloading all night long.

Anyway, Merry XXXmas. Don’t let the pedos bite.

191 (Unlocked Midnight JST, December 25th)

192 (Unlocked 2AM JST, December 25th)

193 (Unlocked 4AM JST, December 25th)

194 (Unlocked 6AM JST, December 25th)

195 (Unlocked 8AM JST, December 25th)

21 thoughts on “Christmas Shenanigans (JM 191-195 Released)

  1. I almost look forward to you becoming a famous game designer and the outrage this blog is going to cause when some kot*ku shitface finds it.

    Thank you for the chapters, old man. Keep the snow though, I’m too old for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Even unloading it all night long is already a miracle for a dude as old as him.

    Thankies for the gifts, and merry Christmas to you and everyone here!


  3. Thanks for the mass release present, happy Xmas and god bless you for 2020. I hope you will work harder because I love this novel. Thanks again for allowing us to enjoy this.


  4. Or Santa on his way to do his things will fall on one of his old acquaintances and get drunk as hell and say bah screw it I’ll do my job tomorrow


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