JM 207 Released

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Yesterday, I had KBBQ, but it sucked. Probably the worst KBBQ I’ve had in my life.

I haven’t had decent Chinese or Japanese food recently either.

I miss Toronto. I don’t think I’ve had a good Szechuan dish since I left.

And I’m even starting to miss Texas. I more or less lived next to a Toyota HQ, and there were plenty of authentic-tasting Japanese restaurants.

Boston sucks.

And yes, I know I literally just complained about this a few days ago.

JM 206 Released

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I took today and Monday off because this is the Chinese New Years weekend.

I kind of regret it and want to go back to work because I’m too excited about what I’m doing on the job.

There is certainly an intention for me to do a bit translating than usual over this mini-break of mine, but I’m not 100% sure it’s happening. We’ll see.

@Redemperor124 What were your friend’s commission rates? And/or can you put me in contact with him via discord?

JM 205 Released

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Looking for someone who’s good at drawing. I want to commission some art.

Side note, all of the asian restaurants that I’ve been to in the Boston area have totally flopped. To make matters even worse, all the KBBQs and Izakayas ended up being Chinese restaurants too…

Ughhhh… I might as well just cook for myself. It saves money and tastes better. But it’s also more effort…

JM 201 Released

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Why is it so warm? I swear we’re in the middle of January…

Here I was wanting to bust out this nice winter jacket. Nope. Turns out I get to wear a sweater instead.

On a side note, I have no idea how horny teenage girls are supposed to sound. So to all the misrepresented horny teenage girls out there, I’m sorry.