JM 198 Released

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Ring Fit Adventure is surprisingly decent. It’s obviously going to be kind of shitty for cardio, but it’s not terrible for other exercises.

The most surprising part was probably the Ring Con’s durability. I was expecting it to break if I pushed/pulled as hard as I could, but it seems perfectly fine.

6 thoughts on “JM 198 Released

  1. well, hopefully u didnt pay alot for it, still hoping someone will reply on gf since i preordered the bakutsuri hunters with hori fishing rod attachment and cant even get the game up and running, afraid it might be regionlocked somehow or online related since it didnt work on a jp account, damn the fact i cant read or translate jp….happy new years


  2. Ring fit is great indeed, but make sure you give yourself enough space… Just the other day, I accidentally kicked the desk while I was in running motion… Yeouch… YEOUCH!!


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