JM 201 Released

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Why is it so warm? I swear we’re in the middle of January…

Here I was wanting to bust out this nice winter jacket. Nope. Turns out I get to wear a sweater instead.

On a side note, I have no idea how horny teenage girls are supposed to sound. So to all the misrepresented horny teenage girls out there, I’m sorry.

10 thoughts on “JM 201 Released

  1. How they sound… from my only expirience kinda angry first, then they laugh say something hurtfull and they jump on you… but thats just one girl need a lot more to make an average right?


  2. They generally try to sound open and friendly and generally accessible, while either pretending or genuinely feeling you’re super funny and interesting. The level of subtlety varies with the girl but tends to be pretty damn low.

    Either that or they’ll just casually grab your hand and put it on their boob, often somewhere people can just barely not see you. That one tends to be a done deal even with ugly chicks.

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  3. I’m at my grandparents home right now. They have more snow than at my home and they have around the same temperature. Digures tjey are in their own biome up here north of the Laurentides.

    As for teenage girls… Well good luck…


  4. “how horny teenage girls sound”
    The female half of our species once upon a time had a definition of what to sound like when horny (divided by culture).
    The teenage age category has always been the interesting/dangerous part of where they’re ‘learning’ how that is supposed to be.
    with the invention/coming of pornography, women’s rights, homosexual rights, parents teaching children to avoid sex to prevent them from having kids pre-30 and everything in that list i’m forgetting…
    The culture divide is crumbling and disintegrating, creating the current… disaster of which many teenage girls are clumsier than ever, know far too much/little is correct for their culture/age/preference. You have access to the internet, assume they do do.
    Girls browse porn to (while getting off) try and learn different sex positions… and simultaneously learn voices, ways to act, things to say, which are often dramatized or shown easier on a screen/animation which causes many many sad and clumsy situations.
    To balance out this argument just for the sake of ‘gender equality’ the same inventions. have left males between uncertainty of advancing on women directly in concern of being accused of pain-in-the-ass to-defend X-crime, getting shot down publicly, or even worse… leaving power in an anti-male state(90+%).

    To sum that big spiel out (for both genders). ‘Most’ don’t ‘know’ how to sound/act attractive. Teenagers even less. as a writer all that’s needed is to get the message across. degree of success is something to look at next time, but for now defiantly a good idea to cover yourself.

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