JM 205 Released

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Looking for someone who’s good at drawing. I want to commission some art.

Side note, all of the asian restaurants that I’ve been to in the Boston area have totally flopped. To make matters even worse, all the KBBQs and Izakayas ended up being Chinese restaurants too…

Ughhhh… I might as well just cook for myself. It saves money and tastes better. But it’s also more effort…

14 thoughts on “JM 205 Released

      1. Not right now, she is at a pijama party of my cousins(female/gay side) so no contact about this isue right now. I can send you a few samples in a 13 to 18 hours.


    1. Also have you tried looking for an artist on There are a lot of artists on that site that are really good!


  1. the best “chinese” meal i ever cooked was using a premixed powder for “bone tea soup” and throwing spam into it.


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