JM 206 Released

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I took today and Monday off because this is the Chinese New Years weekend.

I kind of regret it and want to go back to work because I’m too excited about what I’m doing on the job.

There is certainly an intention for me to do a bit translating than usual over this mini-break of mine, but I’m not 100% sure it’s happening. We’ll see.

@Redemperor124 What were your friend’s commission rates? And/or can you put me in contact with him via discord?

6 thoughts on “JM 206 Released

  1. My Korean friends tell me that a lot of them have left for other nearby cities where the rent isn’t sky-high. If anything, they recommend a place called Koreana in Cambridge for KBBQ. I know Harvard Square has quite a few ramen shops owned by Japanese as well


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