JM 207 Released

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Yesterday, I had KBBQ, but it sucked. Probably the worst KBBQ I’ve had in my life.

I haven’t had decent Chinese or Japanese food recently either.

I miss Toronto. I don’t think I’ve had a good Szechuan dish since I left.

And I’m even starting to miss Texas. I more or less lived next to a Toyota HQ, and there were plenty of authentic-tasting Japanese restaurants.

Boston sucks.

And yes, I know I literally just complained about this a few days ago.

8 thoughts on “JM 207 Released

  1. No no, don’t worry, food stuffs are very important, and taste too. Also, a crappy response to some high expectation means a great disappointment, so it’s normal to rant many times. You don’t get hungry just once or twice per month after all 🙂


  2. KBBQ is usually the best, but even the favorite food that you would usually like is still depend on cook’s skill. I hope that you have better KBBQ next time because I like the KBBQ the most as Korean.


  3. I had a Korean friend that lived in Boston for several years. She said that it has very good high end restaurants, but I think she did agree it didn’t have much in terms of Asian food in terms of everyday food. I was there for a week and the closest thing I had to Asian food was a bomb Mediterranean restaurant.


  4. As far as Korean goes, the Boston Globe seems to think the local choices aren’t great, but that New Jang Su in Burlington is the best, with Korean Garden in Allston a runner-up. See

    H Mart Burlington is out in the same direction as New Jang Su, if you want Korean BBQ + Asian groceries, you could kill two birds with one stone with a trip out in that direction. I go to H Mart from time to time for produce like Chinese chives (jiu cai) and good soy & soy ponzu sauces.

    Zagat’s… doesn’t even have a “Best Korean” page for Boston 😦

    I’m sort of surprised you can’t find any acceptable Japanese food. There are lots of nice Japanese restaurants in and around the city. They’re expensive, though.


  5. have you tried looking up Korean/Chinese/Japanese food restaurants online and checking the star rating of them? If you read the reviews the customers post you can get a better understanding of whether the food and service is any good! I did this when I lived in Monterey and there are a few good places down there like a restaurant called Chopstix!


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