JM 209 Released

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Translating character sheets kills my motivation. It feels like the kind of really boring office work I went into game development to avoid.

I’ve been reading some western books lately, because why not. The Bobiverse series is excellent and almost feels eastern given its theme and propensity to reference nerd culture. Would recommend/10.

3 thoughts on “JM 209 Released

  1. I know it’s debatable, but I don’t really consider these character sheets as chapters. If you don’t want to work on these, it won’t affect anything if you pass on them. Your work, your call of course.


  2. At least character sheets are not curry arcs. But then the last 10 chapters were something akin a curry arc…

    > ongoing wester series
    The game of Wieners and The name of the Cuck were enough for me. Never again.

    Actually, with all that crap Rowling has been pulling out of her arse, reading something by a wester author who is not dead is a gamble.

    Weeb character sheets and curry arcs are not so bad in comparison.


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