JM 210 Released

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I hate how mech games are handled. They’re never agile enough, the weapons aren’t handled right, and you feel more like a tank driver than a mech pilot. There’s no futuristic feel, and suspending your disbelief ends up being something one does as a result of how unremarkable it tends to feel.

Some games have been doing this a bit better, but they’re generally mediocre at best. And a whole none of them do a good job of combining the eastern and western mech fantasies.

25 thoughts on “JM 210 Released

    1. Yeah, not sure if there really was double chapter today or just a mistake with the links. 211 doesnt seem to exist yet but its shown on novelupdate


      1. Hmm…I looked at it, and Gundam Versus looks like a shittier multiplayer brawl version of Zone of the Enders….to each his own I suppose.


  1. Unless it’s something like the old armored core series from the early 2000s, it will be hard to develop a technology to simulate a proper mech battle from a cockpit. If we ever survive long enough for fulldive VR to become a thing, we’ll just have to settle with substandard mech sims or immersion breaking 3rd person sandbox shooters.


  2. *confused reader noises*
    Guessing todays posting of chapter 211 was in error? The link now leads to 210 and the next button takes me to the “that page doesnt exist” page. xD
    Cheers for all the hard work either way.

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  3. The thing is, if you take away the clunkiness of movement from mecha, you end up with a FPS with robots. Or an arcade shooter with a nimble spaceship.


    1. You’re making a few assumptions here. The first is that a first person perspective would be employed, and the second is that we’ll be shooting things.

      Imo third person is the way to go for mech games, and you’ll want something that is half gunplay, half melee. Relying too heavily on either of the two works to defeat the purpose of using a mech as the aesthetic choice.


      1. That doesn’t really change much.

        For example Warframe qualifies to those specifications. Half guns, half melee, nimble third person on ground and space and even the frames are some sort of biomechanical pilotable construct. And it’s definitely a third person shooter rather than a mech game.


  4. Sorry but I can’t relate here, I usually quite like games mechas having weight and inertia to them…

    Feeling like you are in command of a powerfull hulking beast of metal is one of the think I enjoy while playing mech games.
    I never been a fan of “magical” or “ballerinas mechs”, what’s the point here ? Just play simply an empowered character and you’ll get the same feel of weightlessness and freedom of movement and it will be a more natural experience…

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    1. That defeats the purpose of it being a mech game. Imo, when mechs come into play, realism needs to go out the window, especially if the mechs are even remotely humanoid in nature given how impractical that would be. If slow metal colossi are what you’re looking for, then tank games are basically exactly the same thing.

      I do think hulking raidbosses under player control should be a thing in mech games, but they should only be slower relative to the game’s standard as opposed to everything in a game being a giant ass armoured turtle.

      Empowered characters and mechs fundamentally are meant to feel different. Fast character-based games are focused on the impact of smaller movements, Mech-based games would be more dramatic and be able to get away with it without breaking immersion.


  5. I almost certainly have nostalgia-tinted goggles here, but I very much enjoyed the old PS1 game Robotech Battlecry for being agile in comparison to other mecha games of the era. Mostly compared to various Gundam titles.

    I remember having three forms that you could switch between at any time; traditional mecha, a jet, and a neat hybrid of the two-kinda like a VTOL. No idea how it plays nowadays, but might be worth emulating?


  6. Specifically what game are you talking about? Have you tried Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare for Iphone? It’s pretty good!


  7. The best mech gameplay for me is still Gundam VS, they’re agile and fast with easy control to get used to.
    Whats a shame is its only used in small scale 2v2 gaarena game. If it ever become a full scale open/ linear game itd be perfection for me.


    1. Also, what’s alcking in mech game imo is the sense of scale of the mech, they need to feel big, but at the same time not slow and cumbersome, how to manage that balance is what make mech game mostly mediocre. IMO the way to make it less so is to somegow have 2 viewpoints, both in the same world, like one qith the viewpoint of a human on the ground (or floats, if its space themed) witht he ability to get into the mech to get a different view of the same world (in both scale size and speed of movement)
      In a way. Only titanfall i have seen managed to balance it quite well.


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