JM 213 Released

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Remember how I was complaining about mech games the other day?

Daemon X Machina is almost there. Almost. The movement is like 90% of the way there, but the combat mechanics themselves are rather poor. Melee is, generally speaking, pointless in mech vs mech combat. It does less damage and is riskier than just pelting your enemies with bullets. There’s no melee combo mechanics either, besides jumping between different targets, which is bland.

The auto-aim was fine on the switch, but on PC it just feels like it’s ripping away my agency. Everything is easy enough even when I’m playing outside lock-on distance. Getting in lock-on distance makes literally the entire game trivial. It’s such a shame given how nice the movement feels. I also wish they actually had ultrawide support, but I know that’s something most Japanese devs don’t do because PC gaming over there is relatively smaller scale and underdeveloped.

Another complaint I have is that the missions are too short. It takes too long to get into one with all the intermediate screens and bad story I have to skip, and then it only lasts like 2 minutes.

“Maybe I should just make my own mech game,” is what I would say if I wasn’t pretty sure my contract doesn’t let me make games not for the company I work for. Time to try to convince the higher-ups, I guess.

I’m also completely dry on multiplayer PC games. I’ve been doing Deep Rock Galactic with some buddies lately, but the fun and novelty have been slowly fading away as we play it more and more.

10 thoughts on “JM 213 Released

  1. I wasn’t really a fan of Daemon X Machina. Never really felt like you did much damage to other mechs (mostly bosses) or ever had enough ammo to deal with them. Just my opinion though, don’t strangle me over it.


  2. If you like RTS or turn based strategy games, you could do any of the C&C, Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Empires, any Paradox game, Sins of a Solar Empire, Halo Wars 1&2. Those are just off the top of my head. A good shits and giggles game is L4D 1&2 with mods and custom maps.


  3. I honestly stick to doing Binding of Isaac runs by myself like an incel nowadays, but I thought Darwin Project was pretty fun when I played it a while ago.


  4. Yeah the movement is pretty cool but the combat system is a bit meh, most of the enemy mech is just bullet sponges. The melee combo is also just changing target. But i kinda like when you lock blade with your enemy and just spam your button lol


  5. I though deamon x machina was gonna scrach my mech itch but I might go back and play mechwarrior classic or dynasty gundam


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