8 thoughts on “JM 214 Released

  1. You could feed the weebs more often. Or write this nihongo rant, or that high fantasy stuff.
    But of all things, you choose work? Asians…


  2. don’t overwork yourself my man, else i’m afraid i won’t have update of this stupidly awesome demon lord and his band of waifus and lolis and monsters as often anymore


  3. Also try to take a break whenever you can. Have you tried playing Borderlands 3 or Monster Hunter World/Monster hunter World Iceborne (DLC add-on)? If you play MHW/MHWI do it at nighttime or on the weekends! I’m trying to spread the word to old PC players to return to the game since most of the bugs have been fixed!


    1. MH always bored me despite it being a weeb classic. I probably wouldn’t consider playing it unless the entire thing was 3x faster.

      Borderlands 3 has taken all the joy that was Borderlands 2, and chucked it out the window. It just sucks in comparison. The vault hunters are especially bland, and Gearbox’s new approach to making weapons less crazy is just anti-fun.


  4. since you complained about lack of good mecha games and good multiplayer games, have you tried hawken? at least for me that had really nice movement, overall gameplay and futuristic feel


  5. I remember how I used to play Planetside…..when the fighting really got going, it was so much fun, especially when you had all factions fighting for one spot. It really got intense. Not sure if Planetside 2 is still going strong, but you could give it a shot.


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