14 thoughts on “JM 216 Released

  1. Honestly PAX is super mega over-rated at this point. You wait anything from 2-12 hours in line for 1 single thing, and are like 75% likely to get sick with the ‘PAX bug’. Plus about half the stuff you can hear about is either already leaked, or was just hype fluff anyways.


      1. Reasonable, but PAX has almost nothing fan made, if it even does at all. Last time I checked out stuff like that, it was a smaller con that had a MASSIVE ammount of doujins from all over. And the longest line was entrance, and the autograph booths for some famous VAs.


      2. Never understood why that one was not numbered, i mean sure its a two parter,but so was one of the shipgirls ones


    1. Buying a physical copy of a doujin normally REALLY helps out its creator in terms of money and people knowing about them.


  2. You never wwnt to Otakuthon in Montreal. They show hentai animes late and girls who watch those have a habit of grabing a random guy there. That and overpriced hentai…


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Also i know this is off topic but i was re-reading this and i gotta wonder is there ever gonna be any point where the whole iluna having spirit magic thing gets addressed? Or did everyone (myself included) just kinda forget about it? Cause that feels like it’ll be kinda important later.


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