JM 218 Released

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It’s my bedtime. But I’m still too bored to sleep.

I’ve been going through my second playthrough of the 8th gen now that the pokemon transfer service is out, as per tradition, but I just can’t. The game is so terrible that I put down my Switch every time I boot it up. I don’t understand why they still haven’t improved usability, at the very least.

Back to DOOM I go. Time to wake up my neighbours with loud bass and screaming demons.

8 thoughts on “JM 218 Released

  1. Can’t wait for doom eternal looks like more of the same and honestly I need more doom guy ripping demons in half with his bare hands. … oh and the chapter was great I guess keep up the good work.


      1. If memes have ever told me anything it’s that people who purchase Animal Crossing: New Horizons are kings and gods.


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