JM 227 Released

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The Nintendo direct the other day was, for me, basically just disappointing and not much of anything else. Specifically, nothing about the new Pokemon shit is getting me hyped up the way it used to.

Sword and Shield were just so bad that I want to give up on the franchise, but it was literally my childhood. Like 5000+ hours of it. And then another 5000+ hours of my adulthood. Fuck.¬†One of my biggest gripes with game development is math. I feel like designers don’t actually bother calculating things, even, or rather, especially in RPGs. This is especially true of live-service games that like to do balance changes. These changes often seem like knee-jerk reactions in which certain numbers are tweaked in response to the current state of the game, but the consequences are not necessarily thoroughly considered, and calculations are not made for cases outside of a few obvious ones.

JM 226 Released

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Time to go punch some demons.

That one glory kill, the one where you just bonk the guy’s head into his ribs, is literally perfect. Nothing could possibly be better.

I kind of miss the infinite ammo pistol and the ability to animation cancel punches into shots over and over, especially on weaker enemies, but I can see why they removed it. Having the chainsaw automatically refill over time and using it for ammo is a much more interesting gameplay loop. That said, I’m having a little bit of trouble managing all my resources. I keep forgetting I have the stupid flamethrower. I’m sure that’ll rectify itself in due time.

Not really sure how I feel about the angels though.

JM 225 Released

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Sometimes, I stop and realize that the Gods I worship are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, there’s Homunculus and all the vanilla in the world. And on the other, there’s Asanagi with the uh… not vanilla. But then the post nut clarity hits and I realize that it doesn’t matter. All Gods are meant to be worshipped equally.

JM 221 Released

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I’ve been playing Gundam again lately. The old Chinese private server, which died like half a year ago due to something along the lines of tax evasion, has finally been replaced by some random Thai private server. The only problem is that its population is ~50, as opposed to ~500000.

Maybe it’ll grow once the Chinese realize it exists. Not that it can handle it. It’s hacked together and barely functional. Some of the maps don’t even have their server-side triggers working. Plenty of other basic features, like the friend list, are also simply dysfunctional.

Anyway, enough complaining, off to work with me.