JM 221 Released

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I’ve been playing Gundam again lately. The old Chinese private server, which died like half a year ago due to something along the lines of tax evasion, has finally been replaced by some random Thai private server. The only problem is that its population is ~50, as opposed to ~500000.

Maybe it’ll grow once the Chinese realize it exists. Not that it can handle it. It’s hacked together and barely functional. Some of the maps don’t even have their server-side triggers working. Plenty of other basic features, like the friend list, are also simply dysfunctional.

Anyway, enough complaining, off to work with me.

5 thoughts on “JM 221 Released

  1. just to make are talking about Mobile Suit Gundam Online!?

    pls say their English server! is been 3 years and i am still hoping for English server (@_@)


      1. What is sdgo? I recently got back into gundam. And to be honest between gundam onlin and battle operations 2 we have most of the ground work of build divers GBN.


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