8 thoughts on “JM 223 Released

  1. I don’t mind the daylight saving time, but what does heavy farming equipment had to do with this? I don’t think you farm?


    1. Daylight savings was created for farmers, so they could better match daylight because they had to work so long. Heavy farming equipment, like tractors and other machines eliminates a lot of the individual labour. Daylight savings serves no other purpose than to try to match the time with the daylight for farmers, in modern society it’s pointless.


  2. You and me both. But who is to take the blame for that, exactly? A lot of silly conventions got scrapped, eventually, like the dodecimal numbering, imperial measure system and so on. Why is the daylight-saving time so persistent to continue for so long till now?


  3. At least entire UE is going to scrape this bullishit soon enough. Countries in UE that decided on winter time will change watches last time in fall 2020 and those who decided on summer time will change last time in march 2021


  4. The end of the world is upon us (according to the news), yet Tentacle grumbles about a minor inconvenience.
    If I didn’t know, I’d think you’re British.


  5. Actually, daylight savings time was created in WWI, and it had nothing to do with farmers. It was to save coal. But yeah, most countries abandoned it after the war.


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