JM 225 Released

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Sometimes, I stop and realize that the Gods I worship are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, there’s Homunculus and all the vanilla in the world. And on the other, there’s Asanagi with the uh… not vanilla. But then the post nut clarity hits and I realize that it doesn’t matter. All Gods are meant to be worshipped equally.

12 thoughts on “JM 225 Released

  1. I too was blind to the truth about lolis until I was enlightened by the almighty Noise.

    Not all heroes wear capes, just like how not all lolis wear randoserus.


  2. I often dont read these posts and go straight to the chapter, but caught a few words and had to stop and read the first few words, was suprised as i didnt take you for the religious type, and most are monolithic now, christianity being one of few big ones to have several, they have three entities, father, son, holly spirit. But that opposites part made me keep reading in confusion, then got homunculus and was really confused, then asanagi and it all made sense.


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