JM 226 Released

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Time to go punch some demons.

That one glory kill, the one where you just bonk the guy’s head into his ribs, is literally perfect. Nothing could possibly be better.

I kind of miss the infinite ammo pistol and the ability to animation cancel punches into shots over and over, especially on weaker enemies, but I can see why they removed it. Having the chainsaw automatically refill over time and using it for ammo is a much more interesting gameplay loop. That said, I’m having a little bit of trouble managing all my resources. I keep forgetting I have the stupid flamethrower. I’m sure that’ll rectify itself in due time.

Not really sure how I feel about the angels though.

5 thoughts on “JM 226 Released

  1. Honestly, although i half expected it i hoped he would slowly refuse the princess, or that the king would interject in some way to not have the princess in his harem.
    Until now the members were people he had close contact with, he met the princess only once….
    Dunno, I kinda hoped this to be better from all the other harem isekai novels…….


    1. I kinda agree but on the other side, it appears nell knows the princess rather well. Add on top that her circumstances around meeting yuki are rather similar to illuna’s. Idk but it just seems more likely then not that she would be accepted into the odd amalgamation of races that is the dungeon by it residents


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