JM 227 Released

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The Nintendo direct the other day was, for me, basically just disappointing and not much of anything else. Specifically, nothing about the new Pokemon shit is getting me hyped up the way it used to.

Sword and Shield were just so bad that I want to give up on the franchise, but it was literally my childhood. Like 5000+ hours of it. And then another 5000+ hours of my adulthood. Fuck. One of my biggest gripes with game development is math. I feel like designers don’t actually bother calculating things, even, or rather, especially in RPGs. This is especially true of live-service games that like to do balance changes. These changes often seem like knee-jerk reactions in which certain numbers are tweaked in response to the current state of the game, but the consequences are not necessarily thoroughly considered, and calculations are not made for cases outside of a few obvious ones.

11 thoughts on “JM 227 Released

  1. Was more hyped by Panzer Dragoon and Into the Depths from that direct. Also Catherine. Sega Atlus doing the big finger to Sony felt great.


  2. I liked the Pokemon XY games and Pokemon XY&Z anime the best! Then after that the new game mechanisms of Z Crystals and Gigantimaxing and the simplified drawing style of the Pokemon Sun & Moon + Pokemon Sword & Shield made my enthusiasm about being a fan to future anime and game series begin to disappear! What I wouldn’t give to send a petition to the current Pokemon Company head to change things back to the way they were before, where the anime was better detailed and less gag heavy and to bring back Mega Evolution since that was 1 of the last great gimmicks that people liked! (Other than Regional forms…)


  3. First off thanks again for the new chapter and your hard work!

    Second, I couldn’t agree more with you about the flaws in game development. Though I’m not entirely sure you and I are on the same pages as to the main culprits behind such shortcomings (of course taking into into account the fact that you have a lot more insight and experience about the field than I do lol). I do think laziness and poor calculations play major roles, but I think that poor problem-solving, bad follow-through, and a lack of accountability play an even bigger part. That is without even mentioning the structuing and priority of management whose be-all-end-all-goal is to sell games and product first then maybe ask questions later.


  4. Pokemon slowly became shit the moment Iwata died. He carried GameFreak’s ass for as long as he can. Pokemon was nostalgic because it was my childhood but it was a disappointment. Only R34 was what keeps me interested


  5. You’re going to want to avoid playing Star Wars the Old Republic if arbitrary balance changes bother you that much. They have a horrible tendency to nerf Class abilities that in some cases make PvP easier, while completely ignoring the fact that doing so screws up Raids. Then, instead of fixing the ability right, they mess with the balance of the Raid…


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