JM 239 Released

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I’ve got absolutely nothing to do on the weekends during the quarantine. You’d think that I’d end up being more productive or something, but I don’t get more done. I instead browse the net for gunpla paints but never buy anything because I don’t want to have to go through the trouble of maintenance and actually painting everything.

Speaking of, Freedom Meteor is about to restock. I really should get one, but it more or less requires paint to look good…

JM 238 Released

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I was playing Ring Fit, since there’s basically no other way to exercise without leaving my apartment, and now I regret it. I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing and ended up doing something like 600 squats in one sitting. Now my legs burn. Like hell. I can barely get up.

Also, to the people who were arguing that Enne might be legal in 237’s comments: Y’all niggas need some Jesus.

JM 233 Released

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My sleep schedule is fucked again.

Working from home is turning me into even more of a degenerate.

On a side note, FF7 Remake looks awful. I decided not to play it myself because I’ve been highly speculative of the quality of the FF series since the first time I played and hated the original 7, but FF7R looks even worse than what I was expecting. The facial animations for some of the side characters are even worse than Mass Effect Andromeda pre-patch, and the gameplay just looks not fun. Giving bosses perfect guard windows is literally the dumbest thing I’ve seen since attacks tracking you through roll—which is also a thing that happens in FF7R, because of course it is. The modern implementation of attacks magneting to you through rolls comes from a Dark Souls bug that everyone intentionally implements because they think it’s “good gameplay.” Even the stupid Starwars DS clone did this. It’s absolutely awful. Putting power in the hands of the player and exaggerating boss power levels further is how you’re supposed to make that type of game fun. Making mechanics intentionally terrible is well… terrible.

Splitting it into three parts is also super dumb. It’s actually just a cash grab. Square of all companies certainly should not have any issues with budgeting or margins given the popularity of FF14. They very well could have released the game later on with all of its content.

JM 231 Released

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Today I mixed a risotto I made with some leftover curry. It was kind of weird, mostly because it ended up being a bit too sweet for a curry dish, but not too bad overall. I’ll probably go for a much spicier curry next time + a risotto with less fruit in it.