JM 230 Released

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No, we are in fact, not shutting down for lockdown. (We’re not even a business or service, just a group of dudes on the internet.) Yes, that was posted on April 1st, specifically April 1st in Japan, at midnight. I was going to do one of the not real chapters at first, but then I got lazy.

9 thoughts on “JM 230 Released

  1. Well, on novel updates, several hours before it was 1st april anywhere, a notification (kinda) was posted, about fake chapters, and how to report them, so many readers should have been ready for the jokes. Whoever wasn’t, well, they can only blame themselves.


  2. This is why I have trust issues. orz

    Thank your team (and the author) for sharing a lighthearted work with us in these troubled times.


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