JM 233 Released

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My sleep schedule is fucked again.

Working from home is turning me into even more of a degenerate.

On a side note, FF7 Remake looks awful. I decided not to play it myself because I’ve been highly speculative of the quality of the FF series since the first time I played and hated the original 7, but FF7R looks even worse than what I was expecting. The facial animations for some of the side characters are even worse than Mass Effect Andromeda pre-patch, and the gameplay just looks not fun. Giving bosses perfect guard windows is literally the dumbest thing I’ve seen since attacks tracking you through roll—which is also a thing that happens in FF7R, because of course it is. The modern implementation of attacks magneting to you through rolls comes from a Dark Souls bug that everyone intentionally implements because they think it’s “good gameplay.” Even the stupid Starwars DS clone did this. It’s absolutely awful. Putting power in the hands of the player and exaggerating boss power levels further is how you’re supposed to make that type of game fun. Making mechanics intentionally terrible is well… terrible.

Splitting it into three parts is also super dumb. It’s actually just a cash grab. Square of all companies certainly should not have any issues with budgeting or margins given the popularity of FF14. They very well could have released the game later on with all of its content.

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  1. I’ll hold my opinion until I played, but I wasn’t a fan of the boss in the demo…I noticed that tracking while dodging thing too and it pissed me off. Bosses also take WAY too much damage.


  2. Well, to be fair, the huge and most important part about FF7R is nostalgic value. So if you hated original FF7, it was obvious from the start that FF7R isn’t for you.

    I agree with 3 part splitting too. But not because “it’s dumb”, but because i hate it. But it just means 3 times more money for them, so i can’t say that don’t see from where it coming. But i still hate it, and hate them for such decision.

    Facial animation… whoa whoa, hold on here. Andromeda’s animations were ungodly fuckness, i don’t know how do you even compare it. Sure, animation don’t “grabbing stars from the sky”, but definitely not “hideous”.

    Attacks magneting to you isn’t from “dark souls”, but rather from all the previous games of the series. Since it’s the combat system with combination of old school (when you just can’t evade, and only tank), and modern, when you can atleast move freely, it’s quite understanding. It’s jrpg, not a hardcore action/rpg like darksouls, where you miss one evasion and get “you die”.

    FF7R is actually one of the best things in game industry that i saw in the last few years. Not sony boy, but yeah, i’m fan of FF7. Just for clarification, i wouldn’t praise this thing if it would be just the same game with better graphics, i actually think that they made old masterpiece into “modern piece” without hurting quality. Good work, i expected it to fail since their first trailer on ps3 release.

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    1. The only small thing that actually constantly triggers me is their “khm”, “ah”, and “ngh” noises during dialogue. There are ungodly ammount of those, they are loud, and they always happen inbetween “awkward silence” which makes them stuck like a sore thumb. And animation during those moments isn’t helping, only make it worse, there is always that unnatural pause in them, that make it look stupid.


    2. Andromeda’s problem was literally just the lighting. Fix the lighting, and the animations themselves actually look fine. FF7R, main characters aside, people have fish lips.

      Having attacks home in on you during rolls is specifically a dark souls “mechanic.” The issue is that they are actively trying to blend the mechanics of different genres in an attempt to make the game feel more modern. It doesn’t work, and a classic experience would have been better.

      Another issue is that in classic RPGs, the AI doesn’t control 2/3rds of your party. Here, they do and it’s incredibly dumb.


      1. Dark souls was… 2011 year, if I’m not mistaken. Final fantasy crisis core was from 2007. Just between us, FF7R is infinitely closer to crisis core than dark souls, that’s for sure, and crisis core is 4 years older.
        But well, if being completely honest, we should probably count demon souls as well, since it was “starting point” for dark souls, but even that was released in 2009.

        Andromeda… Just lighting? Are you sure? The version that i played definitely couldn’t be fixed by lighting, it was raw quality of eyes and mouth motions, that makes characters look like they just escaped from mental asylum. Heard that they fixed it later, but never actually checked.

        About ai controlled party i have nothing to say, indeed. But it’s not like it’s something impossible to play. If they do something incredibly dumb at the moment – take the wheel yourself, and then jump back. It’s part of gameplay, i wouldn’t necessarily call it an issue. Unless ai is so incredibly stupid that it can’t walk straight up and just stuck in the wall. It was quite an usual thing 20 or so years ago, but I haven’t encountered such problem in FF7R.


  3. Not really, the game is about 20-30 hours long, more if you’re trying to do everything, which is a normal length for a game and the pacing for it is decent so it doesn’t feel like they just tacked on stuff to stretch the game out to full length. It was an overall fun experience, and the world was well designed and felt very realistic. Although combat was a little annoying trying to figure out which attacks you are supposed to guard against and which you can dodge, you’d think dodging would help you avoid more than it does. I do not look forward to how tough it’ll be in Hard mode where item usage is completely disabled and the benches littered throughout the area no longer restore MP as well as HP so using MP wisely will be key.


    1. Midgar being 20-30 hours long is already really silly. The pacing definitely does not feel right because the climax is a much higher peak, which does not do it any good for the rest of the game, once it gets released.


      1. I meant the pacing felt fine for this game alone. I won’t comment on how it is relative to the entire story since those games haven’t come out yet

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      2. The issue is how they’re going to handle rising action. It’s not a problem that immediately shows, but if they want players to be able to play all the back to back, it becomes more difficult for the later parts to be as impactful if the earlier parts have though peeks.

        They can choose not to account for this at all and just have a reset on the rising action between titles, but that seems odd for a remake, and fairly jarring in the long run.


      3. I’m curious if Chapter 18 is alluding to us breaking the chain of fate so that the events don’t play out as they did in the original game


  4. god please remember this is a console game(ps4 had shit hardware) the game look amazing yeah have problems and bugs and Nomura please die, but i dont know what games you play en console it look better then this please tell us. danm your opinion it worse the the hater of the game and worse then the fanboys of FFVII(1997) dude you have terrible tast in games and dont know anything about development. ok maybe you are rigth soo please go a head do a game better then this for a ps4 normal not the pro.

    And thx for the chapter.


  5. Storywise, for me the best FF is the 6th one, but it doesn’t seem to get much love from square (the blurry mess of the mobile/PC port was horrible)…


    1. The older ones were nice, yeah. I’d like the franchise a lot better before they started with all the metrosexual edgelords. Nowadays, final fantasy characterization is: “this character is potentially gay because our biggest audience is 15-35 year old women.”

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      1. Have you not seen the Yoshitaka Amano stuff they made the sprites from, starting with literally the first game? They were always meant to be metrosexuals with varying degrees of edgelordiness. It just was a lot less in your face because of the graphics. The problem isn’t the general aesthetic, it’s all the boxes designers seem to love to think inside of.


  6. I did like the orriginal ff7, so I kinda don’t want any remake of it to just change everything I knew about it, hence why I won’t play it on my end, but the weirest part that made me decide not to try is just… why is a 30h game (original ff7) made into multiple part that will likely be around 30 hour long each? how will that not be full of filler or random nonsense to change the story? what aprt will feel annoying / grindy?

    I mean, one of the best rpg I know of recently is Undertale. Its 5hour long, or so, and you can get the full picture in that time, nothing feels grindy and its just fantastic, but…. potentially 90-100h for a game? gosh… didnt have the heart to try the genocide route, but I’m fine with that. Paying a full game’s price for nostalgia and lots of potential filler and/or grind and / or, nonsense that may be interesting, potentially, but will just make the story longer for no reason, and just for the first part of it… that feels….

    Anyways, yay! thanks for the new chapter! this novel is something I look foward to all the time, its great!


  7. I dont plan to try FF7R until it is completelly released, cause I have the original PS1 version. And personally, I prefer FF6. As for sword and shield, I enjoyed them, now waiting after the dlcs.

    And good for me, I don’t have to work from home. I work as a provider of an important ressource for the alimentation factories, plastic bags for bread, apples, cheese, cat litter. They are even considering slowly lifting the confinement here by checking the numbers.


  8. Yeah, DS was just a practice in autism in which you did the same one move all the way to the end. Too bad it’s not actually good games that sell, it’s games that are good at convincing you that they’re good. Just put a lot of masturbatory advertisement graphics and plenty of pandering and you’re golden.

    Video games literally just use the same model as politicians now.

    Buying one AAA game that’s probably going to be a mediocre experience when you can go buy three indie games that just want you to have fun playing them for the same price might be what most people do, but that doesn’t make it any less retarded.

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  9. First off thanks for the chapter.

    Secondly, just ignore the guy who questioned how much you know about gameplay and game development.

    I can’t comment on your other critiques because well… I hated the original shitty gameplay mechanics and eventually gave up on hurting my eyes with the PS1 graphics… and I haven’t tried the remake. However, I do agree that it’s a complete cash grab. the only reasons they’re splitting it into 3 parts is:

    1) They’re trying to play to nostaglia because of the original 3 disc format. And fool the consumers into letting their stupid ploy go.
    2) Greed plain and simple like you said.
    3) Shitty planning.
    4) Pressure and expectations from fans who want immediate gratification.

    I will say that you need to let up a little on your crtiques, because you’re looking at things with a critics eye rather than as a reviewer or an objective third party, you know?

    Anyhow, thanks for the hard work and stay safe!


    1. Yeah, I noticed that with a lot of reviewers that can’t turn them off. Many times I found myself and others enjoying what they didn’t like. Like how the Metacritic score and the juxtaposition of the user score. Unless the problems are in my face like Andromeda, Anthem, and Fallout76. I will end up enjoying the game. At most my critique would come down to the quality of the writing. But from what I’ve seen so far I have to agree with some of our Overlord’s points. As for the three-parter, can’t help but it is a cash grab for nostalgia since the original FF7 was in three parts if I recall.

      Also, am I the only the loves FF12 or even War of the Lions and Type-0? Granted would have loved the version of FF12 with Balthier as the original main before they were forced to put in Van instead. Van has grown on me at the midpoint and endpoint of the game but man was he something at the start.


    2. If anything, I think that the industry as a whole needs to be more critical. The reason that so many triple A games are so mediocre at the moment is because decisions end up getting made for cash and not for the sake of the game itself.

      A part of the problem is that the medium is so easy to enjoy. Even bad games are fun, so people do buy and praise them. But that doesn’t mean we should be satisfied with the current state we’ve degenerated to.


  10. Idk, man, I find the game pretty damn fun.
    The long boss battles are especially good since I like to enjoy a good battle with varied mechanics. It’s between a turn based and MMO boss, you don’t just use normal attack for 10 turns nor sit there killing ads and hitting the boss for almost an hour like a raid boss.
    As for the dodge mechanic, I think the issue is that everyone expects a dodge to have I-frames, but since dodging an attack is completely relative to your distance from it, like real life would be, it’s unexpected. Except jumping attacks, those are pure bullshit, fuck everyone Goro wannabe and their barely dodgeable aerial move.
    I’ve mostly played turn based RPGs and SRPGs, so having some modicum of control, rather than just a speed stat, feels great to me. I’ve only ever played one Tales of and Star Ocean game, so I am always excited for a fun action RPG to play.

    I agree that splitting it into 3 parts is a complete cash grab. Not everyone can make a masterpiece like MGS4 and put both discs into one full game. Never played the original FF7, so I guess I’ll be missing out on the story by having to wait years for each part.

    Also, were Cloud and Sephiroth always like this? Were Sasuke and Itachi based on them? I wouldn’t question it if someone said Naruto’s creator played FF7 and got inspiration from it.


    1. Sephiroth..has mother issues on top of many other things that get explained in FF7 Crisis Core which I recommend if you can get a copy. A lot gets explained there like heck Sephiroth was a chill dude and even how Cloud got his buster sword.


  11. Finished the entire game already. If ur basing target lock off the boss from the demo. Literally only that boss has target lock. You can pretty much dodge every attack except a handful of them, and of those you can just guard and heal like nothing happened.


      1. Well if there wasn’t tracking, most attacks would be aimed at thin air which would be more dumb. The alternative is if the skills sweeped a large area and frankly we’ve played enough ‘go behind x enemy when he does x skill and attack’


      2. If you speed up the attack after the tell and have a simple player input prediction algorithm, then you solve the problem. This is how modern games that aren’t shit solve the problem. It’s *very* easy to implement. It’s also incredibly easy to adapt this to RPG standards, and especially easy in FF7R because of how the arenas are (not) designed.


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