14 thoughts on “JM 242 Released

  1. Play old classics then. I’m in my 40s already and I concur that the gaming industry is bit by bit becoming a real shitshow. It comes hand in hand with becoming a huge business first before anything else. The lack of soul kills it slowly.


    1. abandoned games?
      the current industry had nostalgia boom, remakes and remaster everywhere XD

      personally i want Alien Legacy remake.
      im too dumb to do remake myself..


  2. Same…. i stare at my steam list and never want to play anything cept the same 10 games, else id rather dive into my backlog of physical ps1/2 games then pick up something new ~.~. Still want to play things like octopath traveler, but i refuse to pay 90cad for it. (it has never gone on sale from what i can tell)


  3. I wish a better Pokemon game would come out. 1 that reintroduced and expanded upon Mega Evolution + Battle Bond Evolution! The last 2 games with their new mechanics weren’t really all that exciting to experience. Also hope the Rune Factory 5 game comes out soon!

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  4. P5R is a good refredh on P5, pitty it ain’t on Switch. Astral Chain is a good title if you have not played. Project Diva is coming May 15 on thr Switch. Generally, Nintendo stuff has better replay value too.


  5. Play the secret world legends, the best RPG that never was. It’s free, the MMO/combat part is meh but it has some of the best RPG quests there is in it and you can do virtually all the content solo.
    That’s an entire MMO worth of quests for you to finish, it should shore you up for a couple of week ends (around 70h I think).

    Worst case scenario you kill a couple hours if you don’t get hooked.


  6. Factorio, Subnautica, Rimworld, I wouldn’t play below zero yet though, but the first Subnautica is great
    Also I agree, fuck the industry, I wish the cod 1 and blood money days where still here :/


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