JM 252 Released

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In general, first person games and melee don’t really mesh. It’s never nearly as satisfying as it is in third person. I was pretty pleasantly surprised by Vermintide 2’s system though. I still think it’s well, frankly, quite far from perfect, but it does work, and it is fun. The swings look really… dumb for the lack of a better term, but they feel much more fun to swing around than some dumb energy sword.

On another, wordpress’ insistence on this new block system they’re using is killing me. I hate using it to format. I just want a normal text or html editor ffs.

JM 250 Released

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Children annoy me, specifically the ones that are left completely unattended in the apartment’s common space. They literally do nothing but screech all day. I wish their parents would either take care of them properly or lock them up or something. Though I guess they probably let them out because they didn’t want to deal with them either.

On a side note, fresh corn is one of the most delicious things ever when steamed.

JM 249 Released

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Was on a brief hiatus to catch up to the raws, fill out government documents, grind double biker and bunker rewards in GTAO, etc. But now all that is done. Note that I normally don’t read ahead when translating, but this time there was an exception because I needed to verify something in one of the upcoming chapters to see how I should best do it. But then I got carried away and accidentally read to the end because I like this novel. Oops.

I would say I’m going to be back up to my usual TL speed now, but I’m not really sure because I’m out of booze and getting more during quarantine is a pain in the butt.

Additional note. Do NOT ask here if you want spoilers. Poke me in discord instead.

JM 247 Released

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246 is an April Fools’ chapter. It isn’t April anymore, let alone April 1st, so it’s going to be sitting in the back of the JM truck for a good year or so.

On another note, quarantine is making me fat. Ring Fit Adventure doesn’t cut it when I eat like I still spend an hour or two at the gym every day. Fuck. Time to start intermittent fasting again, I guess…

JM 245 Released

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Sometimes, I hate private servers. The people running them are kind of stupid, so they give out event items that completely break some things in PvP. You’re supposed to get 100 of the things every year from events, and you eat up 1 a minute and they basically give you infinite mobility for that minute. On this stupid private server, they’re basically infinite, and now everything that’s supposed to have a mobility weakness doesn’t. Dumb.