18 thoughts on “JM 244 Released

  1. Fear not, you can play old PS1 and PS2 games with your pc. All.you need is the game disc, a good dualshock like controller and PCSX2. Gonna get my old copy of Dark Cloud running, that or ChronoCross…


  2. Technically, novels like Netoge Yome say otherwise.

    Square doesn’t care for PC only because they see themselves as a console game developer, child of two major console game developers, and they wave PC games with a “but you can buy a console-like game controller, where’s the issue?”.


      1. I know. Not many novels are, if any. I just said a title off the top of my head.

        The argument was that there is enough media that portrays people playing games other than eroges and VN on their computer, plus I heard that the japanese servers of PC-only MMORPGs aren’t populated solely (or even mainly) by foreigners. Also, MMO slang is quite developed.

        My point was that, instead of there not being a market, the issue lies with japanese companies disliking change, with changes being quite extreme when they finally do happen.


      2. It was just the impression it gave to me.
        In order for me to give any informed opinion to you, I would have to see statistics about the topic.


      3. ..what PSO2? That has been big over there for almost a decade and its finally coming to the West.


  3. As much as I sympathize with you, I’ll admit that because I’m a console junkie myself, I’m very glad to not have dealt with that inconvenience.

    Oh by the way have you ever tried the game, FrostPunk? I’m on the fence about getting it for the PS4 while it’s on sale…


    1. Played the PC version. Personally I think its a steal on sale. One of the better city builder/resource management games I’ve played. If you go for it tho word of warning treatment for the sick should be on a higher priority then you might first think even more so on difficulty settings above normal

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  4. You could always just get yourself an emulator. Them SNES games still make me feel things sometimes, I’m telling you.


  5. I own both of the games on switch and I don’t see why so many care about the options for games like this on PC and most of the time there is a way to change them in the settings file


    1. The settings file gets overwritten when the game reboots because it’s retarded.

      PC and console are very different in terms of the hardware that gets used. Switch outputs to its screen, or a TV which is fairly standardized. Outputting to my 144hz ultrawide makes many poorly made programs not happy.

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