JM 247 Released

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246 is an April Fools’ chapter. It isn’t April anymore, let alone April 1st, so it’s going to be sitting in the back of the JM truck for a good year or so.

On another note, quarantine is making me fat. Ring Fit Adventure doesn’t cut it when I eat like I still spend an hour or two at the gym every day. Fuck. Time to start intermittent fasting again, I guess…

8 thoughts on “JM 247 Released

    1. I’ve had the difficulty on max from the start. The issue is that the cardio sucks and barely burns calories. I need to go at it for like three hours to get my hours worth of gym, and I don’t have the time for that.


  1. I just let myself go hungry for dinner. Easier to get used to than you’d think, plus it really helps you go to sleep.


  2. I just keep myself busy enough to forget about food. Also, try some dishes that don’t actually fill you up at all but still feel like a stone. I eat oats with some fruits, almonds, grated bitter chocolate and low-fat milk. Tastes awesome, you get a variety of tastes with different fruits and it’s quite healthy.


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