JM 252 Released

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In general, first person games and melee don’t really mesh. It’s never nearly as satisfying as it is in third person. I was pretty pleasantly surprised by Vermintide 2’s system though. I still think it’s well, frankly, quite far from perfect, but it does work, and it is fun. The swings look really… dumb for the lack of a better term, but they feel much more fun to swing around than some dumb energy sword.

On another, wordpress’ insistence on this new block system they’re using is killing me. I hate using it to format. I just want a normal text or html editor ffs.

6 thoughts on “JM 252 Released

  1. Do you have issues with the classic editor plugin ?
    After all, if you are unhappy with gutenberg and want a normal text/html editor, this plugin is usually the way to go…


  2. Do you plan on picking up xenoblade chronicles today? Going to pick my copy today at my local familly owned game store.


      1. Also, don’t know id you knew, but there’s a new Shantae game rhat launched yesterday. Transformations are unlocked progressively and you don’t have a huge hubmap. In fact, it’s in Metroidvania style with some Aria of Sorrow mechanics… And I find it good so far.


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