JM 253 Released

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You know what sucks? Chronic wrist pain. I’ve had this since December, but can’t really go anywhere to see anyone. By the time I realized it wasn’t going away, all the specialists closed their doors because of Corona. I swear to god I’m going to go to the doctor get this fixed as soon as the stupid virus goes away.

9 thoughts on “JM 253 Released

  1. Have you bought a wrist brace for it yet? Sleep with it on and wear it while you’re using the computer, it should help. When carpal tunnel gets really severe a surgery can be done for it but you will have to wear a splint for up to a couple of weeks and then do some physical therapy.

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    1. It’s De Quervain’s. I’ve had a wrist brace for literally months and doing plenty of physio, but it unfortunately isn’t work in my case. Probably going to need a steroid injection at least, which wouldn’t be an issue if the specialist was actually open…


      1. Something that may help you and is probably open right now is a chiropractor, get them to adjust your wrist, elbows, and fingers. You’ll need to ask about it, and if “The Joint” a chiro chain, has a place near you it may be very helpful.
        People are always surprised at how much this stuff helps.
        Hope you feel better soon!
        PS: Love this WN, hope it continues forever! Thank you so much for translating it!

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      2. That sucks. Several of my family members have dealt with nerve pain with various causes and degrees of suffering and it’s hard to put up with.
        I do hope whatever treatment(s) you choose brings at least a measure of relief.

        I want to make a small… admittedly unpopular… suggestion that you majorly limit the amount of time handling electronics, writing, drawing, cooking, etc in order to limit the daily use/strain on your thumb and other joints in your hand.
        I know it’s a weird idea that an addict/reader would recommend the stopping or slowing the supply in concern for the dealer’s/translator’s health, but it’s worth considering.


  2. You actually need a special splint called a thumb spica splint to hold your thumb in a specific position and take some NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen. But yeah, a specialist would probably go straight to the steroid injection on top of the splint and stuff.


  3. I wonder how long you’ll have to wait before you can go. It seems that this winter that the coronavirus might get a lot worse than the initial outbreak!


  4. I’ve delt with pinched nerves in my wrists for going on 25 years now. Best treatment I’ve figured out is to literally freeze the nerve. Take a small 3oz Dixie cup mostly filled with water and freeze them. Place an unfolded washcloth over you wrist and then drop the cube on it. Takes about 15 to 30 minutes to melt ad hurts like a MFer. Two to five treatments over the course of a couple days normally reduces the inflamed nerves and allowed me to function normally.

    I hear heated wax or sand baths are a couple other solutions, but cold has always worked better for me.


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