JM 254 Released

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Less than 2 weeks until the porkymon DLC drops. I kind of don’t want it. They’re still doubling down on the stupid gigantamax mechanic that I want gone. I get that it’s got more influence on a game than Z moves, but it’s still boring. The new legendaries might also be somewhat silly. Competitive Articuno might end up being pretty silly depending on its stats, not that it matters given that the whole meta is fucked right now.

Man, I wish I could just magically forget that sword and shield ever existed. That’d be great. Even last gen’s girls were better. Marnie is literally Skrillex, and idk about you, but I’m definitely not willing to stick my dick in Skrillex.

And yes, I’m aware this is like the 10th time I’ve ranted about Pokemon. Blame 8th gen. It’s shit. Give me hidden power back ffs. No bolt beam coverage with arena trap duggy around is just AIDS.

11 thoughts on “JM 254 Released

  1. Thanks now I cant get Marnie/Skrillex out of my head. Going forward I just hope gamefreak take what happened with this game and improve but alot of companies dont do that nowadays (exception being no mans sky)


  2. I don’t listen to his music, but I sure would like to give Skrillex some deep dicking. Maybe I do need to start playing Pokémon again…


  3. And that’s why my brother, avid Pokémon fan, has the firm determination to act as if 8th gen doesn’t exist. The first gen he’s got no game from.


  4. I hope that when the next Gen 9 Pokemon games come out in a few years, they’ll do away with Z-moves, Gigantimaxing, and stop trying to think up new game mechanics! I hope instead that they’ll go back to the classics like Mega Evolution, since that mechanic is/was a big hit, and in discussion threads many people posted that they wished that the Pokemon Co. would bring back and expand upon that game mechanic! If you go online and look up Mega Evolution on an image search, there are a lot of Mega Evolution varieties for Pokemon that don’t have Mega Evolutions. I also would like for them to resume the main story of the Pokemon anime and redraw the Gen 9 Pokemon anime the same way they drew Pokemon XY + XY&Z, as well as making it a lot less gag heavy + bringing back the Pokemon battle tactician Ash! Oh and to have Pikachu stay in Kanto and instead replace him with Riolu as Ash’s new main Pokemon partner and traveling companion. I’m getting sick of seeing Pikachu and would like to see more scenes with Riolu/Lucario in them, since Lucario is the 2nd most popular Pokemon with Greninja being the 1st.


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